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Day Care/ Group Playtime

Whether you are at work for the day or out of town for the week, your dog can be having the time of their life at Old Mill Boarding Kennel! We have added several new Play Time services to make your pet’s stay here, short or long, a fun one. They can take a leash walk inside a fenced yard, play with new furry friends, or have fun in the large yard with our playtime staff. Better yet, they can do all three with one of our available playtime packages! We are excited to offer a variety of packages to suit the individual temperament and energy levels of your pet.

Doggy Daycare & Playtime Rates


  • Kennel Daycare – $35.00

For Cage Free Playtime Call My Dog’s Daycare at 703-777-0077.

Playtime & Leash Walks for boarding pets or for Doggy Daycare in Leesburg, VA:

  • 1x Daily Inividual Playtime: $18
  • 2x Daily Individual Playtime: $36
  • 1x Daily Leash Walk (side yard): $12
  • 2x Daily Leash Walk (side yard): $24
  • All Day Group Play @MDDC: $35
  • 1/2 Day Group Play @MDDC: $27

Required Vaccines:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • 1 year Bordetella
  • 2 Canine Influenza Vaccines

A negative fecal result is required within 6months of boarding.

Group Playtime

Our dedicated dog loving team provides a fun and enriching environment for your best friend. We offer cage free daycare, play groups, leashed potty walks, and guaranteed fun. Click here for more information or call 703-777-0077 to learn more.

Daily Rates​

  • Full Day $40 (6 or More Hours)
  • Partial Day $27 (3-6 Hours)
  • Partial Day $22 (1-3 Hours)

Prepaid Packages – Full Day​

  • 30 Days ($32/day) $1,006
  • 15 Days ($35/day) $538
  • 10 Days ($36/day) $370
  • 5 Days ($37/day) $192

Prepaid Packages – Half Day​

  • 30 Half Days ($20/day) $625
  • 15 Half Days ($21/day) $330
  • 10 Half Days ($22/day) $221
  • 5 Half Days ($23/day) $122

Nail Trims $20
Nail Grinds $22
Bordetella $45

Family Pet Discount – Off Daily Rates​

Each additional family pet will receive a 25% discount off selected Daily Rate (Packages not included). Additional pets must reside at same address as primary pet to receive the multi-pet discount. Family Pet Discount can not be combined with any other offer.

Schedule a Doggy Daycare Session

To schedule a doggy daycare session, please give us a call at 703-777-0077.

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